Thursday, October 28, 2010

In The Hall With A Bunch Of Bugs!

Excitedly, creeping into the hall, I sat down and everyone went quiet waiting for the immersion assembly to begin.

We heard a hissing sound coming from the aisle and a weird voice behind us. I turned around and Mr Burt was dressed as a mosquito. I got a really big fright from Mr Burt! He was crawling on his hands and feet down the middle of the all scaring all of the kids.

Entering the stage, Team 1 performed Eency Weency Spider. Ms. George had a spiderman mask on and Ms Wild was squirting water. Team 1 also performed Little miss Muffet. Ms Wild, who was Miss Muffet, looked weird jumping off the chair after the spider scared her. Their performance was cool.

As Team 4 entered the stage, Mr. Barks sat on a chair on a table on the stage. I just knew that they were going to perform a funny act. Mr. Barks was playing the queen bee. When he said, "Wait for it," he would pull a teddy bear wrapped in a sheet pretending to be a baby bee, from his abdomen. Team 4 performed a really funny act.

I liked watching all of the acts. They were all very funny!

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  1. Hi Kaycee

    I enjoyed reading your recount about immersion assembly. You are a very clever writer. I'm glad that you enjoyed team ones item. Wasn't Mr Barks funny? I laughed so hard when he was pretending to have babies, especially when he had twins! Keep up the great work.


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