Sunday, September 5, 2010

Early Boats

Before cars, trains, and buses, there were boats. Boats were very important for traveling on seas, rivers, streams, and lakes. Early boats were made from logs, wood, and bark.

The first boat that was made was called a raft. Rafts were made from many logs lashed together with rope. They were good for going on calm waters, but they were not so good for strong waters.

Another early boat was the bark canoe. People soon realized that they could make a boat from bark. The problem with it was that the sides kept on flopping in or out. So people put sticks, called spreaders, along the sides to hold them out.

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  1. Some Country's History says that raft and boats are different. They used rafts but they didn't classify it as a boat. They have boats, simple boats. Other sample like balangay, an indonesian boat, with a very colorful finishing.


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