Monday, May 20, 2013

the velvet worm

In the dark,spooky forest the velvet worm will be waiting for you but look out if your in the forest at night because the velvet worm might get you with a special weapon.

This slimy creature has soft,stumpy legs and 2 long feelers that helps it to find its dinner!
As the crawling,slimy caterpillar touches its way it tracks down its prey in the dark so its food does not see it. When the velvet worm feels it prey it reacts immediately with twin streams of glue making the poor cricket strangled in a mountain of glue.

Then the caterpillar starts eating its glue before finishing off the bug. The velvet worm rips out everything in the poor crickets body, then starts to hunt for its next meal.
The velvet worm is a unique creature that can shoot twin streams of glue from its 2 nostrils.
I hoped you enjoyed learning about the velvet worm because I know I did.
by adriel 

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