Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adriel's Weekend

The golden hot sun was shining through the car window as my mum was driving .
When my mum parked the car,I pushed my door open with a fright and rushed like I didn't care,
But as I ran I stopped in front of my nanas house and saw a bouncy castle ,a face painter and a balloon artist.After the huge trip to everything I went to the back which had a big white,plastic tent that everyone was in.There were lollies,ice cream and some BBQ lunch.

My nana growled me as I walked in because she saw my half rainbow butterfly.
I was enjoying the party so far but the fun stopped because we had to go and eat but the kids
were on a little table that was so small. I looked embarest that I had to sit on the the little's table at the party.All the kids had small hot dogs and lots of nuggets.

Lastly when we all were going to have some games my mum said'we have to go now'.
'But I dont want to go'I said
Then  I looked out the tent i saw that it was getting dark so I said'yes'
My family went home

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