Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cat and Squirrel - What's the story?

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  1. It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Boots and Fluffy, though an unlikely duo, were absolutely inseparable and had been friends for as long they had been breathing and were always looking for an opportunity to do what they did best...find mischief!

    It's true my friends, when the two of them weren't finding trouble, trouble was finding them. This particular day was no different. It all began when Fluffy awoke, and scampered over to his buddy Boots' house.

    Dancing up to the door (Gangnam style of course!) he knocked on the door singing, "Hheyyyyyyyyyyy, Bootsie ladyyyyy, let's go, Bootsy babyyy.

    The door swung open and Boots ran past, but not before giving his little furry friend a quick crack on the top of his head. "That's for calling me a lady," he informed his victim, "And this one," he said as he turned to give him a second crack, "Is for calling me a baby!"

    Laughing, the two buddies wrestled and joked as they made their way down the drive and into the forest beyond. This is where the real adventure began. They spied the most spectacular climbing tree ever known to man, cat or squirrel, and it was calling their names. ..

  2. Hi room 12 like your work keep it up.

  3. Genius the squirel was searching for nuts because winter was near.Hhe climbed his favourite tree to get the best nuts of all when suddenly Shoogly the famous nut thief appeared out of nowhere.When Genius looked up he saw Shoogly purring down on him. Then he ran away screaming like a little girl and he was never seen again.

  4. One bright day in the country of Canada there was a squirel named Victoria.she would get up before the sun rises and would go hunting for nuts.On a late evening she came back home and noticed a big fluffy cat that was his enemy.The cat noticed her and she froze with fear and tried to hide. After staring so long she came up with a plan in her mind.The plan was to shoot nuts at the fearsome creature.So she did it and the cat scrambled away and learned its lesson to never mess with the cat.

  5. Hey Rm 12

    It s April s mum here love what this story is about. Funny Hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Love Aprils Mum

  6. Rowana, Tevita, Maysun and Louis worked together with their teacher to come up with a narrative that described a setting, gave info about the characters, and included interesting details about what was happening in the story.

    Some people think that squirrels are silly like Alvin from the chipmunks, but sometimes they get cranky. In a beautiful forest in Canada, there was a squirrel named Fred. He was a brown, fluffy tailed creature who loved going out to search for nuts and food to store away for the long, cold winter. Fred was a healthy little guy and racing up and down the trees with his cheeks full of nuts kept his heart and body fit.

    One late afternoon, Fred was returning home. Half way up his tree, he was shocked to discover a big, scary looking, black and white cat staring at him. Fred wondered if this hairy beast was planning to devour him for dinner. Quivering with fear, Fred cautiously removed an acorn from his mouth. Before the cat could blink, Fred fired the acorn at the cat’s nose and knocked him down to the ground.

    As quick as lightning, Fred scrambled up to his home, locked the doors, closed the curtains, hid under his bed and fell fast, fast, asleep.

    From that day on, the cat remembered her lesson and never tried to mess with the squirrel again.


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