Thursday, February 9, 2012

All For One And One For All

Here we are back again for 2012 - same old school, same old room, same old teacher (well not THAT old), new bunch of fantastic, intelligent, good looking, creative kids!! We have jumped straight into our lessons and look forward to sharing our learning online this year.

We started the year discussing the differences between "Rights" and "Responsibilities." We all have the right to a good education. We believe that in order for ALL of us to get a good education, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other. Our motto is - "All for one and one for all." Each one of us needs to focus on our learning so that others can focus on their learning, and ... others need to focus on their learning so that each one of us can focus on our learning.


  1. Hi Mrs. Barks!

    My name is Fredric Robinson from EDM310, our Instructor is Dr. John Strange. I recently read your latest blog posting about, "All for one and one for all." I'm glad that you are using this teaching method for your students. The reason that I say this is because in elementary school I was often distracted by other students that talked while the teacher was talking. Now I must admit that as a child, I loved to joke around a bit. But my point is that if every child learns the values of "Rights" and "Responsibilities," it can determine whether a child makes a D or an A. I believe that some children with bad grades are not struggling with learning but rather with staying focused on what is being taught.

    I will be writing a summary of this blog into my Personal Blog in the near future about my visit to your page.

    So I hope that this teaching method is successful and I would love to hear about the future outcome. Tell the classroom that Fred said hello. Thanks for all for your time and love for our children and take care.

  2. Hey room twelve,
    that little bit of writing has motivated me for reponsibilitys and rights and having a great education.Further more I loved reading this piece of writing over and over again.Same old Mrs Barks


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