Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada!

Our teacher Mrs. Barks is originally from Canada. To celebrate July 1 - which is Canada's birthday, we had a special assembly and this is a video that she and her husband (who teaches in room 18) showed us. Both classes also got on stage to sing the Canadian national anthem and another song called "I am Canadian." Mr. and Mrs. Barks told us some great stories about camping in northern Saskatchewan with the bears and HUGE mosquitoes!

As if all of this wasn't already exciting enough, ... the Canadian Consulate and Trade Office in Auckland sent us some Canadian flag tattoos, pens, pins, and balloons!! Room 12 and 18 got to wear the tattoos and we gave the other items out as special prizes at the assembly.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as we did!!


  1. To Mrs,Barks and Mr Barks,
    What a alsome movie about canada.It is really cool I like the music and the picture.I wish I lived in canada! I hope it will come next year!

    From Qausia

  2. Hi room 12
    Its Hueloata in Rm 18, I like all of your furry animals. I'm not sure if Justin Beaver is Canadian. Hopfully you had a good time. I wonder if you miss Canada! Keep up the good work.

  3. Happy Birthday to canada you have big animals I like the song you but in it I will like to be in canada I hope you injoy the movie good work keep it up

  4. HI room 12 I really like your cool movie and this is sisilia .

  5. Hi Room 12,

    I really like your cool movie.

    From Semi

  6. Hi Room 12,

    Your movie was cool and amazing.

    By Alarzae in Room 11

  7. I really enjoyed your amazing movie Mr Barks and Mrs Barks.WOW! that was so really fantastic and awsome!

  8. Hello Canada,
    I am one of Mrs Barks students.I just stopped by to say your movie looked so amazing and well done!.Thank you Mrs Barks and Mr Barks for showing this on our blog.

  9. Hi now I heard amazing stuff form Canada I really want to go there and see heapse of cool stuff. Keep up the hard work now bye.

  10. Hi room twelve it's Shirquera I really like how the sky was green


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