Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chuck It In The Bin


  1. Good job room 12 I like the way you've piked up rubish

    By: James

  2. Hi room 12
    I enjoyed your chuck it in the bin movie.
    From Anemei

  3. Wow Rm 12,

    That was a great video. It is really good that you guys picked up rubbish because it respects the environment. Were you picking up rubbish around the school? While I was watching the movie it was like you were collaborating.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields school.

  4. Good job room 12,
    picking up the rubbish that was really cool
    because you are looking after the environment.
    Were you were working together?It was was really cool
    From Michelle at stonefields school

  5. Hi room 12 picking up rubbish is really cool and that what all of us have to do.

  6. Dear Room 12
    You are right we do have rubbish at school. Wow that was a good movie I liked the song. Your right we are not going to take it. That is good that you are picking up rubbish. GOOD FOR YOU!

    From Nikki in Room 11

  7. Hey awesome kids from room12. That is an AWESOMLY AWESOME movie you guys produce. It looks like you had a ton of fun making it. I wish I was still in room12 making cool as movies like that one I just watched. Now we hardly make movies like that. All we do is animate. Anyway keep up the awesome acting.


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