Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smelling Beautiful

Rave is learning to add more detail to her sentences. She edited her writing with her teacher and here is what they came up with.

Remember to wash the bacteria and germs off your hands. If you don't, the germs will make you sick.

Squirt a bit of soap on your hands and rub them together until they are covered with bubbles. Remember to clean the backs of your hands and between your fingers. Dry them with a towel or a dryer.

Now that your hands are nice and beautiful smelling, you are able to eat because you don't have lots and lots of germs on your hands anymore.


  1. good work on that writing that is some great information for keeping healthy you better tell your friends to keep healthy by doing what you have wrote :)

  2. Wow great job Rave
    Now I know how to wash my hands I can pass it on to my friends

  3. Hi Rave
    I really like your sentences and I think that story is very helpful to people who don't know how to wash there hands ,and intresting vocab

    From Jorja

  4. Hey Rave

    Good Job, it is important to have beautiful smelling hands so you don't have heaps of germs on your hand.

    Keep the Good Work up.

    Shayne ")

  5. Good work Rave for finally getting to add more detail. Its so good to learn new things.
    From Caleb

  6. Hey Rave,Nice describing on how to wash your hands. you are a pretty smart girl. Keep up the good work.

    From Tyla-Marie Room14


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