Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mrs. Burt The Singing Sensation

Mrs. Barks had a silly dream about Mrs. Burt playing a piano. Isn't that crazy? Well this is how it started. We all had to go to the hall for assembly. After we were all seated in our place, all of us were waiting to see who the person was that was going to perform. The students and parents were all surprised when they saw Mrs. Burt play the piano. Soon she started to was beautiful like magic. When Mrs. Barks came to school the next morning, she told Mrs. Burt about the dream. Mrs. Burt said she knew how to play the piano and that when she was little, she had to sing and play. Isn't that crazy?

Quasia and Keis - authors
Sarah - illustrator


  1. I'll say that is crazy! I think Mrs Barks needs to be careful what she eats before she goes to bed :) I wonder what she will dream next? Great picture Sarah....

    Mrs Burt


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