Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fly Away

Monarch butterflies are amazing creatures! They've got beautiful, beautiful wings in colours of orange, white, and black. Can you imagine being a butterfly? It would be cool to fly and suck up nectar.

Butterfly life-cycles have four stages which are egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. When the monarch butterfly is ready to lay her eggs, she will lay them on a swan plant. When the eggs hatch, they will eat the leaves.

Out of the egg emerges a beautiful caterpillar coloured white and yellow. It eats until it gets fat like your pinky finger. It is now ready for the next stage.

A caterpillar spins silk around itself to make a chrysalis. The caterpillar begins it's pupa stage by transforming into a butterfly. If you see a chrysalis, don't take it off the swan plant because it won't get to be a butterfly.

When the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis, it waits for it's wings to dry. while waiting, it goes to suck up nectar and when it's wings are dry, it can fly away.

I think that butterflies are amazing insects. My favourite is the Monarch.

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