Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kupe Discovers New Zealand...or did He?

Long ago, Kupe along with his wife and some of his friends, went hunting for an octopus who kept stealing their fish. Ascending up from the turbulent waters, Kupe and the others saw a black shadow rising faster and faster. A slimy, ugly body emerged and the passengers on the waka were frightened. It was the octopus.

Suddenly Kupe burst from his seat with a knife tightly gripped in his hand. He threw some containers into the water. Then the octopus dived down because he thought the containers were people! Kupe jumped on the octopus's back and stabbed it to death. It sank down into the salty depths of the sea. I think Kupe, his friends, and his wife were relieved to know that they would have some food again.

Shortly after the battle with the octopus, Kupe's wife looked out and saw new land and this is how Kupe discovered New Zealand.

By Jonita

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