Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dark, Murky, Shadow

Long, long ago there was a man called Kupe. Kupe and his wife got some men for a battle against an octopus because it was eating all their fish and bait. They got prepared and Kupe set up the waka. They were off to the sea.

As they were going, they saw a murky, dark, shadow coming up from the bottom of the sea. Kupe said, "Can it be?" He got his knife and tried to stab the octopus but it was too fast. After that, Kupe jumped on the sea creature and killed the it.

Kupe was glad the battle was over. They sailed on to a new country which they called Aotearoa.

***With just a little editing help from his teacher, Antonio put together a great summary of Kupe's legendary hunt for a giant octopus. Hope you enjoyed it!

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