Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kidnapped by a Pirate - by Adriel

Silently moving through the night's fog, a dark shadow came closer and closer. It was a pirate ship! You could hear the sound of nothing but small waves slapping against the sides of the boat. Then out of nowhere came an angry voice. It was coming from the ship captain who had a problem. She was furious because she had no treasure. It wasn't long before daylight had come again and the irate ship had reached an island in the middle of the pacific ocean. The captain was excited because now she could hopefully steal treasure from the people. She came up with a cruel and cunning plan. The pirates were sent off to steal valuable items from houses. One nasty pirate was told to kidnap a child to hold ransom. When their arms were full and they could carry no more, the pirates boarded the ship. The child was weeping and wailing for her family. The pirate told her to shush........

This is the start of a story that Adriel has written after looking at a picture that her teacher gave her. The picture was of a pirate ship sailing at night through the fog. Adriel spent time thinking about what a narrative needs to have....a beginning, middle, and end. She thought about vocabulary words and details as well as different ways to begin her sentences. Her teacher thinks that she has done a fabulous job creating mood and taking her audience on an adventure.

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  1. Hi Adirel,

    I really like you story about how the pirate kidnapping. I also really like how you use interesting words in your writing. Maybe next time you should check you words if you missed out one. Keep up the good writing and also can't wait to read you next piece of writing.

    WELL DONE :)


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