Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun Butter Experiment Presentation-By Talita


  1. Cool Presentation Talita, It is cool to see you making Google Presentations...... They are really good. I like how you were using some of the google "Cool Things" (That what I call them) to make your presentation more exciting. I would like to know more about your Fun Butter Experiment. Maybe next time, you could put some more things into your presentation saying what you did. Other than that, Keep up the great work Talita!!!

  2. Hello Talita and her friends,
    It was lovely of you to make a presentation of room 12 making butter. Butter is nice right. By the way did you eat it with some biscuits or bred? KEEP IT UP!

  3. Wow, girls!! That was awesome!!! You girls must love making butter.
    Do you remember all the ingredients? You should tell me, so we don't have to buy one we can make one or two or more!! Well, you girls did a great job. Can't wait to see more form room 12.

    Se ya later. Have a nice day!! KEEP IT UP GIRLS!!


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