Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Barbie Rescue

Our topic this term has been called "Toy Story." We've made up a story about some toys that is sure to please everyone - it involves action, adventure, and romance.


  1. Great movie Room 12. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your movie. It made me laugh the whole way through. I loved all the acting. Well done to you all and your clever teacher.

    From Miss Lavakula

  2. Hi Room 12,
    Cool movie about the Barbie Rescue. It was the best. Keep up!!!

  3. Wow, This is the coolest movie ever. What fantastic acting. I think you need to send this to Peter Jackson and he will sign you all up- the actors, the script writers and the directors.
    I am sending the link to all my friends and I am going to insist they all watch it.
    Miss Walker

  4. Just love it. I am a teacher of Year One at Mt Roskill Primary. What a great job!!

  5. Hi room 12
    Wow,This is the coolest movie ever.This movie has a great song and such great actors.
    Maybe someday you all will be famous actors and I am inpreased that Collin Ken resuced the very pretty barbies.Keep up the amazing work and suceed.
    from Adriel

  6. haha enjoyed that so much! Collin aka Ken to the rescue lucky boy ;)heroes always gets the girl in the end :)


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