Friday, July 27, 2012

Lights Out and Boogaloo

I sprinted to school because I knew my day would be off to a fabulous start! Teachers dress up and perform or show us movies to introduce our new topic.

Galloping like a horse, Lights out Lavakula ran to the front of the stage. Lights Out looked fierce as ever. She wanted to fight. Mrs. Barks introduced Boogaloo, who was Mr. Barks, to Lights Out and as soon as they bumped gloves, Lights Out was as strong as a tiger. She punched Boogaloo like a boxing bag. Finally she gave him a blow to the chin and he flew off the stage. Booglaloo ran back to his seat crying like a little baby that fell off his bike.

We knew they were joking because Mrs. Lavakula wouldn't hurt a flea.

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  1. Awesome story Louis! I like all the detail and it sounds like it would have been funny to watch. Poor Boogaloo Barks. I really enjoyed this story. Keep up the good work.


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