Friday, August 3, 2012

Brave Theseus

What kind of eveil king would feed children to a minotaur? Kids menu or should I say kids on the menu.

One day when King Minos went to battle with King Aegeus, King Aegeus cried to him, "Please let's make a deal. Instead of battling, I will give you 7 boys and 7 girls every nine years to feed your minotaur." King Minos agreed.

The muscular, handsome Prince Theseus knew that his dad, King Aegeus, had made the wrong decision. So he went on a quest to find the labyrinth and destroy the minotaur.

When he arrived in Crete, Prince Theseus saw a charming, beautiful princess named Ariadne. She was madly in love with him. "Hello. Do you need help?" she said sweetly. "Yes." he replied. "You have to make me a promise. If I help you, then you have to sail away with me so others can admire my great beauty." Prince Theseus was not prepared properly to battle a minotaur so Ariadne gave him a sword to slice off the evil beast's head and she gave him a ball of thread so he could lay it out behind him and find his way out of the scary maze.

It was pitch black as he entered the labyrinth. He saw the minotaur and quickly chopped off it's head.

Theseus felt happy because he had been brave in destroying the minotaur and the children would no longer be sacrificed to the horrible beast.

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