Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Play In The Right Place


  1. hi room 12 what a cool movie i like it that was fantaise and i will rember to play in the rigth place you rock keep it up

    from lesieli room 13

  2. Hi room 12 what a nice movie.You guys are awsome. I hope room 12 had a good time fliming it.You rock room 12.From Kashya

  3. Hello girls.
    we really licked your video about playing in the right place I hope that you enjoy it we really licked that was a good movie.
    who did the video?

  4. Ki Ora Sarah,Quasia,Rave
    I liked you'r movie Play In The Right Place and I liked the way Sarah came inside and said to Rave and Quasia are you Playing In The Right Place and then Quasia and Rave said no and sorry and you had a cool movie. By

  5. I KNEW something fun was going on outside my office the other day! And I was right. How clever are you? Well done making this creative movie to show us what we should be doing.
    Mrs Burt


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